Sunday, May 5, 2013


Since I came back from my Arizona trip, Zach and I haven't had the chance to go on any dates! It's a downright shame. We made plans to go to the beach on Saturday the 4th, but unfortunately Zach had to work all day unexpectedly. But I wasn't going to let that stop our fun! 
I coerced my dad and brothers into helping me set up a tent, got some sparkling yummy juice and snacks, and then led my gypsy mate for the evening to our boho-esque love fort. 
Okay can we please talk about my atrocious roots for a second? Further proof that dyeing it black was a bad decision. I'm just destined to be a blonde! And I plan on dyeing it back as soon as possible... But it's sooo expensive. Help me, I'm poor.
We ate subway and snacks from Trader Joe's whilst watching Men in Black on the laptop--an awesome date night movie choice haha. My favorite part of all this was that the roof and majority of the sides of the tent were just mesh, so we were able to lie back and look at the stars all night.
All in all our gypsy backyard camping was a very enjoyable experience :)

Although we weren't able to go to the beach on Saturday, that didn't stop us from getting there one way or another! We left today promptly after church, grabbed some mexican cokes and taco bell (it is Cinco de Mayo after all ;) and journeyed to Ocean Shores.
The weather was gorgeous! 80 degrees and clear skies. Just how I like my beaches. Of course the water was still freezing, but that didn't stop us from splashing around.
This is only the second time Zach has ever touched the ocean! Can you believe it?
I could not be happier with our decision to move to the Pacific Northwest. It is extraordinarily beautiful here, even on the cloudy days. Which luckily, there haven't been many of! It feels like summer already, and I am loving it.

Zach is still loving his job. This week he gets to go on an aviation ride-along! I am sooo excited for him because being a pilot for the State Patrol is what he wants to do! Also, for the next 11 months he is earning vacation and sick time like crazy (he can't really use any of it until next March), which means that he will have SO much time saved up. We can finally take our honeymoon! We'll probably wait until our 3rd anniversary that August. But I am already stoked. I've been researching vacations in Fiji, Bora Bora, and the Maldives already, along with Bahamian/Caribbean cruises. 2 weeks in paradise sounds like the perfect way to celebrate 3 marvelous years, don't you think?
Additionally, we plan to go on "weekend adventures". We'll take a Thursday & Friday off and fly anywhere and everywhere! Zach needs to visit New York City, so that'll be one of our first stops.
My theory is to get all of our spontaneous, crazy travelling out of the way before any baby Bloomfields come along. And then we'll save up for the ridiculously expensive Disney trips. (Which we'll still enjoy all too much).

xo the bloomfields

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