Monday, April 29, 2013


And we're off! 13 hours from Olympia, WA to Salt Lake City, UT. A drive I feel I have commuted far too often the past year. It's not too horrible of a drive, as long as your means of transportation are comfortable. Which, unfortunately, this time they weren't. But at least the company was good!
We arrived at Lila's house around 8 pm and were pleased to discover that she is doing great post-op (she had surgery to remove breast cancer)
She took us out to Chili's that night. 

 Aren't they so cute?

After filling up the car with freon the next morning, we met Kelsey and Kirsten at City Creek mall in downtown SLC. I didn't realize how much I would miss it until I saw everything again! I was sooo sad. After all, it was mine and Zach's first home. 

Although Salt Lake isn't a huge city, it's a lot bigger than Olympia. I definitely miss the city life. 

Yayy for riding Trax! 

Apart from my weird almost smile, we're some pretty foxy ladies! I miss you girls! 

Driving past our old apartment was hard. So many memories were made here! They were the best of times. But it's great to think that even greater times are ahead of us! 

We stopped by Jon & Tiffany's (cousins) on our way to Cathy's (aunt) in Cannonville. I loved this subtle sunset.
Grand Canyon day!!!
Ever since my mom asked me to come on this trip with her I told her we'd have to stop by the Grand Canyon. It'd almost be a crime to go right past it and not stop! 
Additionally, I recently watched all the available episodes of Parks & Recreation (BEST SHOW EVER) on Netflix and there is this particular episode where Andy and April just drive to the Grand Canyon. While watching that I realized that I really wanted to go there too! It had been so long and I hardly remembered it at all.
It was destiny.

The overly-edited Arizona countryside. It looks like this naturally I swear.

The day ended at our lovely little hotel in Flagstaff. 
And 5 & 6 & 7 & 8...
The remainder of the trip we spent relaxing at my Uncle's house in Sahuarita, AZ. It was the definition of a lazy weekend. Laying poolside, playing barbies with my little cousin, manicures etc. 

Overall it was a nice getaway, but by day 4 I was really missing my husband! Skyping was no longer cutting it, so I was glad to get to the airport on Wednesday. Even though we had 9 hours of travel time ahead of us!

My copy-cat mani from Pinterest.

Now that I'm back home I feel like I need to get my life figured out! I'm currently looking for a job-any job really. But the problem is, I don't know what career I want to go into! Lately I've felt that this video accurately describes my feelings (there is some swearing in this video fyi)

But seriously people. Growing up is a trap.

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