Friday, August 17, 2012

My Fantastic Life

i often forget to express my gratitude for the blessings in my life. so this blog is dedicated solely to appreciating all the happiness God has given me.
  • Zachary Alex: my best friend. he is always someone to lean on when i'm not strong, a willing ear that listens, a selfless man who does anything and everything for me. every day is brightened by his smile; i love the way his eyes light up. he constantly sweeps me off my feet and showers me with his love. i am so grateful to have met him, and to be where we are today. i love him more than i thought i could love anyone.
  • My Family: they do so much for me. always. i owe them the most 'thank-yous' out of anyone. from raising me strong in the gospel of Jesus Christ, pushing me through school, enabling me to follow my dreams; they have given whatever it took to make my life truly blessed. i've never really shown or expressed my gratitude adequately enough to match their love. thank you, for raising me to become what i am.
  • My Home: here, in this little one bedroom apartment in downtown Salt Lake City, i have made some of the best memories of my life. it is mine and Zach's home. here our love is challenged, it flourishes, it holds us together. we could live anywhere, and it would still be the best place, because we are what make it a home.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ: being LDS has never been easy, but it has been extremely worthwhile. i could never abandon the principles and virtues i've learned, lived, and loved my entire life. Christ is my eternal savior, and surely i would not be where i am today without his love and sacrifice. he is my example. he makes it possible for my family to be together forever. he loves me and he knows me by name. what an incredible blessing he is in my life.
  • Our Jobs: we would not be able to afford many fun things we do were it not for our employers. i am so grateful to have acquired work in such a harsh economy. and while we haven't yet started our careers, we are making it by. i love both my jobs so it hardly seems like a chore to go to work. for that i am thankful.
  • The Internet!: i spend too much time on stumbleupon, pinterest,, blogging sites, and youtube. but i learn a lot, and i really enjoy it. i honestly think that the ideas i form from visiting these sites make me more creative, thus enabling me to shape a better life for myself and my little family. i'm broadening my interests and skills to include interior design, arts & crafts, and cooking. that's pretty awesome i'd say.
  • Pierre: i am very thankful for that little rascal. he usually makes me smile, he keeps me company, and in a way, he encourages me to be more adventurous. taking care of someone other than yourself is so rewarding.
i could go on forever listing my blessings, but i'll just leave you with these few; the most important in my life.

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